Lirius Games @ UKGE 2024

Lirius Games @ UKGE 2024

We will be participating at UK Games Expo 2024 (31 May -2 Jun) for the first time. We will be in Hall 2 - 876!

Sonia and I will be there to show you Age of Comics: The Golden Years, of which we will have some copies available.

Moreover, we will present the UK premiere of Timeless Journeys: The Italian Grand Tour. The game, created by Nestore Mangone (known for Darwin's Journey and Newton) and Andrea Robbiani, with artwork by Laura Guglielmo (also the illustrator for Age of Comics: The Golden Years), will be launched on Kickstarter this fall.

Timeless Journeys: The Italian Grand Tour combines elements of deck building, resource management, map movement, and set collection. Click here to learn more.

Want to secure a spot at the table to try out our games? Book here. If spots are sold out, don’t worry: we also have two tables for free play times available every day.

We hope to see you at UKGE, happy gaming!


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