Lirius Games | About us

Welcome to Lirius Games, a vibrant and passionate micro-company, woven into existence by the shared dreams and creative aspirations of two individuals - Sonia and Giacomo.

Sonia Goncalves, an economist with Portuguese roots, brings a strategic and analytical mindset to our duo. Her proficiency in managing resources and envisioning business pathways is integral to our journey.

Giacomo Cimini, an Italian-born filmmaker, producer, and major geek, infuses our creations with his rich storytelling abilities and a deep-seated love for the fantastical world of comics and gaming.

Our journey began with a common love for games, comics, and illustrations, leading to the birth of our first board game - Age of Comics: The Golden Years. This game is a homage to the golden era of comics, and it’s the product of our combined skills and passions. Launched on Kickstarter in September 2022, it was not just a project but a dream taking flight. To our amazement and joy, it reached its funding goal in a mere 4 hours, eventually rallying over 4000 backers who believed in our vision. Check out our successful campaign here.

Residing in the historical and artistically rich city of Rome, Italy, we are not just business partners but a family, sharing our home with our delightful daughter 🧒 and our playful dog 🐕. Every game we design is a piece of our world that we share with you.

At Lirius Games, we believe in creating games that are not just about winning or losing but about embarking on a journey, experiencing stories, and being part of something magical. Our commitment is to bring you games that are crafted with love, attention to detail, and a sprinkle of that unique Lirius charm.

Join us in this adventure, and let’s make the gaming world a little more enchanting, one game at a time.

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