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Age of Comics: The Golden Years | Metal Coins

Age of Comics: The Golden Years | Metal Coins

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Immerse yourself in the golden era of comics with our exclusive collection of 72 custom metal coins, meticulously designed to enhance your gaming experience in Age of Comics: The Golden Years. This deluxe coin set is a must-have for board game enthusiasts and collectors alike, adding a tangible and luxurious element to your gameplay.

Our coin set features four distinct denominations, each signifying a different value and designed with intricate details that bring the theme of the golden age of comics to life. The set includes 32 coins of '1' denomination (Ø 20mm), 16 coins of '2' denomination (Ø 22mm), 16 coins of '5' denomination (Ø 24mm), and 8 coins of '10' denomination (Ø 26mm), ensuring a comprehensive and versatile range for various gaming scenarios.

Crafted from high-quality metal, these coins provide a satisfying weight and feel in the hand, elevating the tactile experience of gameplay. The unique design of each coin is a nod to the iconic art and style of the classic comic book era, making them not only functional game pieces but also collectible items of art.

Whether used in your regular game sessions of Age of Comics or as a collector's item, these custom metal coins are an excellent addition to any board game collection. Enhance your game with these beautifully crafted coins and dive deeper into the strategic and immersive world of Age of Comics: The Golden Years."


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