A Strategy Board Game About Travel, Friendship, Culture, and History in the Grand Tour Era

Designed by Nestore Mangone (Darwin's Journey, Newton) and emerging talent Andrea Robbiani, Timeless Journeys: The Italian Grand Tour is a strategy board game where you assume the role of a traveller seeking knowledge in 18th and 19th century Italy.

On Kickstarter in fall 2024.

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An historical journey

Chart your course

With a map at your fingertips and a wealth of possibilities ahead, chart your course through grand cities that have captivated travelers for centuries to gather ideas, write your masterpiece, and score more points.

Traverse iconic cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice, making strategic decisions that reflect the quests of historical figures who sought inspiration in Italy's cultural wealth.

Relive the grand tour experience

Embark on a Strategic Exploration of Italy’s Grand Tour Era

The Italian Grand Tour served as a crucial educational journey for Europe's elite, during the 18th and 19th centuries, immersing them in Italy’s art, architecture, and classical roots.

Engage in a thrilling strategic exploration of Italy over five game rounds. Visit its art cities, encounter famous travelers such as Byron, Goethe and Mary Shelley, forge friendships with locals, and gather ideas for your literary pursuits. Every move is a strategic decision that could lead you to victory. 

Inspiring Artwork

A Visual Journey Through Italy's Grand Tour

Featuring the illustrations of Laura Guglielmo, Timeless Journeys: The Italian Grand Tour visually transports players to the heart of Italy's Grand Tour era. The game’s components and cards are adorned with detailed icons and evocative artwork, providing clear instructions for play. All components are designed to be language-independent and have been color blind tested for accessibility.

Game's core mechanics

Simple Steps, Strategic Depths

Timeless Journeys: The Italian Grand Tour is a tabletop game for 1-5 players (estimated playtime 50-90 minutes) that combines hand management, building, resource management, map movement, and set collection. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Italy, this game is easy to learn with simple rules, yet offers a depth that is challenging to master.

Customize Your Adventure

Join Famous Travelers and find Infinite Ways to Play

Timeless Journeys: The Italian Grand Tour offers diverse gameplay options for all players. Choose to explore a specific era in detail, mix eras for a random setup, or strategically select travelers for a challenging experience. This flexibility ensures endless replayability and varied challenges.